What is Media Intelligence?

Media Intelligence is a powerful tool that helps businesses handle their brand, learn more about their customers, competitors, industry and make informed decisions.

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Keep your media presence under control with the help of Infojuice. We do not only tell you who has been talking about you where, how and when, but we also analyse and interpret your news content so that it can guide you in your business decisions, in defining the best communication strategy, in launching a product on the market, in knowing what your competitors are doing and in anticipating trends.

Not enough yet? The Infojuice team is ready to get into the field to help you understand and improve your brand’s media reputation, take advantage of opportunities, and avoid risks. Because to make informed decisions you have to have relevant, accurate, correct, reliable information at an early stage. And understand it. We do it together with you.

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Are you aware of how you are positioned in the market but don’t know where to start? The Infojuice team is here for you. With our media monitoring activities we collect, analyse and interpret data to get to know your media presence and ensure that you get a leg up. Do you want to know who is talking about you? Do you want to understand how people talk about you? We have the answers to help you make the right decisions.

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The essence of the media monitoring

The morning ritual consists of a good cup of coffee, a brioche and a newspaper in your hands. We would certainly enjoy this morning ritual too, we lovers and experts of good Italian coffee, but media monitoring doesn’t quite work like that. What remains of these habits: the morning hour and the daily newspaper, although not in the hand, but on the screen. In addition to the daily newspaper, there are periodicals, specialised press, radio and video broadcasts, the web world, social networks, – in short, the entire media landscape at our disposal.

Infojuice media monitoring service focuses on the strategic information available and distributed in this wide, not to say endless, media landscape. The successful combination of technological innovation and human sensitivity in the extrapolation of information allows for a comprehensive, timely and reasoned detection of content of interest. We monitor the media with Business Intelligence tools and carry out in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide you with complete, comprehensible and useful information for your business.

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