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Media analysis that makes sense of information

Tired of media analysis that only gives you numbers and not interpretations? So are we! Instead of giving you lists of data, at Infojuice we analyse journalistic content and give you the information that can make a difference to your business.

How am I represented in the media? Is my presence positive or critical? What do my stakeholders think? What trends are developing in my market? How re my competitors addressing a specific issue? With the help of Media Intelligence we answer these questions and provide you with valuable insights for your brand growth. With a winning mix of experts in the field of media monitoring and analysis and sophisticated software, we get to the gist of the information, measure your visibility and the effectiveness of your communication.

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With our media analysis we provide you with relevant information for your business through a winning combination of qualitative and quantitative content analysis

Team of experts

Specialised consultants with years of media experience

Customised analysis

We look inside the news, your news

Attention to detail

We look at the details. And we analyse them in context

Customer focus

We listen to your needs, we understand your requirements

Do you want to find out more?

Using the brand analysis we analyse the media representation of your brand: Who is talking about it? Where and when? And, above all, how do they talk about it?
We analyse your communication activity to see if it is successful. Can you position the topics that are important to you? Have you established a relationship with newspapers and journalists?
For you, we monitor how the communication of your competitors is developing. How are they positioning themselves? What topics do they cover? Who are their stakeholders?
Are you missing a trend and new business opportunities? Are new competitors emerging? Are there stakeholders to be monitored? We’ll tell you!
It is not easy to figure out how to position yourself in the market. We specialise in doing it for you. Which target groups are you reaching with the newspapers you appear in? Are your media relations paying off?
We help you understand which media presence you can develop with your sponsorships. Which values do you convey? Which sponsorship is most successful?

Our know-how in your hands


Media monitoring

Paper, web, TV or radio? Who's been talking about me today! With Infojuice's press review service, we always know who talked about you, when and how. And we go beyond that. We can monitor competitors' activities, industry trends, market developments, or give you answers to help your business and marketing choices.


Media analysis

Everyone is talking about me. Yes, but what are they saying?! Our team of experts brings together the best of qualitative and quantitative analysis of journalistic content focused on you to serve you complete and accurate information, to provide you with those insights that are useful to your business and that only human intelligence can truly understand.

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