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By monitoring the media and analysing your media presence, you have all the credentials to give your communication activities a boost.

Do you want to compare your results? Do you want to study a new strategy based on your media presence and add more flavour to your communication? At Infojuice we are ready to extract the maximum from the news and centrifuge it to give your brand even more energy! With our communication consultancy, let’s start together to give your relationships a new flavour!

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We support you in analysing your brand, improve your reputation and make you grow in the market.

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We support you in analysing your brand, improve your reputation and make you grow in the market

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Getting to know the media and journalists is the first step in contacting editorial teams working in press, radio, TV and the web. This is the meticulous work we do for you.

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Media monitoring

Paper, web, TV or radio? Who's been talking about me today! With Infojuice's press review service, we always know who talked about you, when and how. And we go beyond that. We can monitor competitors' activities, industry trends, market developments, or give you answers to help your business and marketing choices.


Media analysis

Parlano tutti di me. Sì, ma cosa dicono?! Il nostro team di esperti mette insieme il meglio dell’analisi qualitativa e quantitativa dei contenuti giornalistici focalizzati su di te per servirti informazioni complete e accurate, per fornirti quegli insight che sono utili al tuo business e che solo l’intelligenza umana può davvero comprendere.

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